Social Causes


Shiadu, as a socially responsible company, voluntarily adopts behavior and actions that promote the well-being of society. This is a new form of management, guided by the company's ethical and transparent relationship with society in general, aiming at its sustainable development , in addition to preserving resources and promoting the reduction of social inequality.

We have partnerships with various associations that aim to provide emergency accommodation for people in a fragile situation, namely young people from the LGBTQI+ community who were expelled from their homes by their caregivers.

We also work with the Portuguese Council for Refugees (CPR) to legally bring refugees arriving in Portugal into the labor market. Several are working or have worked at Shiadu, some already under non-fixed term contract.

At a local level we also help elderly people with food from our organic farm in Alentejo or just with our company to break their loneliness.

In Lisbon, we finance a residence with 25 students or young workers so that each resident's monthly fee is reasonable, as accommodation prices in the Portuguese capital have often reached unaffordable values for most.

For 3 years we also supported the primary school of São João dos Angolares in São Tomé & Príncipe with school material, computer material, internet connection and the creation of a library for the school.